This campaign is still being planned until the school year starts up. I am making this campaign with teenagers in mind where many are new to the D&D and everybody wanted to play 4e. Right now, I have a very large group that want to play at this moment and is more than likely going to change(try 15 of them interested). I have a few maps and such already done but have to wait to see how many are still interested. I will be posting everything that happens when the campaign starts and also information for those that just want to know about the general info/feel of the campaign. I do not fear any of my players knowing about the information because they do not know about this site. All suggestions, comments, and whatnot are appreciated and encouraged.

Here is some background reading for you all. I’ll even include my notes as well.

There was an evil god named Leechner who came to world and wanted to enslave everything as his personal own. He had some evil gods/esses join his side and the good ones faced off against them. The world became the battle field and it was a titanic struggle. One god, Sanguis (40K reference and I know I misspelled) faced Leechner alone at one point. Leechner got the upper hand and slayed Sanguis, unleashing horrible power on the land. Where Sanguis once stood and behind him for a miles a great valley/canyon was carved into the surface and became known as Sanguis’s Scar. Seeing what happened to their ally and the terrible price the world was taking, many on the side of justice retreated back to where they came from (using the D&D Cosmetology for this). Leechner continued his path of enslavement and destruction. However, there is always hope in such times.

A group of mortals banded together into became known as the 7th Regiment, named so for the number of members in the group and was led by the human knight Uriel. They rode in defiance of Leechner and became a thorn to him. Leechner made a challenge to the group in the city of Vellan. Those gods/esses that retreated decided that direct action would cause havoc on the world so they decided to imbue the 7th Regiment with some powers. The goddess Ariema offered her powers to be bestowed on the group. A goblet full of her power per member was given to be drunk. Immediately, wings sprung forth on each member while the power of a goddess flowed through their veins. These mortals became known Ergo Proxies among the gods/esses and were dubbed by mortals as “The Winged Knights”. They raced off to face their duel with Leechner.

The duel was titanic and few dared to enter the battle ground. Many of the members of the Winged Knights were heavily injured but still kept fighting on. One by one, they fell, either too exhausted or injured to continue. The only remaining person standing was Uriel, who was badly injured himself. But he still kept trading blows with Leechner, his determination, will, and strength matching that of Leechner’s. Then something particular happened: blood from Leechner managed to get into Uriel’s mouth.

Ariema sensed something was very wrong at this time since the power she imbued into each mortal was still connected to her. She descended upon Vellan, in hopes of that which caused the sensation. What she saw filled her with terror that she decided the only course of action that could stop the scene before her.

A pillar of golden light tore upwards through the sky, glowing brightly that night turned to day in some places and many say the pillar as far as Sanguin’s Ridge. The pillar slowly faded away to nothing and everything returned to normal. Many flocked to where the pillar had originated and what greeted them was indeed interesting and horrible at the same time. A hole deep into the surface was the only reminder of where Vellan had stood. Only gods/esses understood that Ariema had sacrificed herself to stop whatever it was she saw. The immense sacrificial power that was unleashed engulfed the entirety of the city along with everyone that was inside, including the Winged Knights, Leechner, and Ariema herself.

Leechner’s forces fell apart soon afterward. Many shouts of Sanguis, Ariema, and Winged Knights could be heard among the battle shouts of those fighting against the horde. Peace and freedom were restored not long after. Many people wanted to rebuild Vellan where it had once stood but many saw the crater/hole as an issue. It was resolved when large and long chains were created and placed across the hole and the city rebuilt using the chains as foundations, adding more chains as the city expanded outward and upwards (Scar Night influence here). Statues of Ariema and the Winged Knights sprang up among the towns and cities that dotted the land.

Cursed Blood